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February 23, 2019
2016 Leg Session Final
Posted On: Apr 13, 2017

~~Brothers and Sisters,
 As the 2017 Legislative session comes to an end, I want to first say thanks for all the help and support you have given me and the Legislative Team. It is an honor to serve you at the State House. I also want to congratulate all of you that help make our PAC one of the best in the State. It is not only your money, but your dedication to hit the streets working for candidates that support you and your families.
 We started the Session off still celebrating the hard fought victory of passing our Presumptive Illness legislation last year. Unfortunately we did not have a PERSI Bill to bring this year. I feel that had the numbers been affordable, we would have been able to pass it with little or no resistance.
 Session was very quiet until the last month. Two very bad bills came out. The first was an Asbestos Bill (HB 221) that would have made it very difficult for workers to get payments if they were diagnosed with Mesothelioma. A strong push by the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry was made to pass this Bill. We stood in opposition with the AFL/CIO, Idaho Education Association, and the Trial Lawyers. Brother, Shaun Laughlin did a fantastic job testifying on behalf of the PFFI. The second Bill (HB 264) that most recently came out, was an anti-union Bill aimed at our Teachers. The PFFI along with multiple Locals lobbied our Legislators and got both of these bills killed.
 Defeating these Bills was awesome! It is very obvious that our Legislators respect your opinions in these matters. With that being said, I fully except both of these Bills to come back next year with a lot more support. It is up to us, over the next 8 months to continue to build relationships with our Legislators and increase the number of people that contribute to PAC.
 May 19th and 20th is our Fire OPS 101. I have sent out nearly 30 invites and hope to attract at least 10 legislators this year along with the Lieutenant Governor . Please make sure that your Local is in communication with President Lovell to hold spots for your local’s elected officials. We hope to make this the best Fire OPS yet.
 No matter what anyone says (or does not say) each one of you is responsible for the success of the PFFI at the State House. The 1,200 of you that make up this professional organization deserve a huge thank you from me, our Eboard, and the Legislative Team. It is because of what you do in your communities daily that translates into success at the Capitol. As always, please feel free to contact me via phone or email with questions or concerns.

Rob Shoplock

CDA Fire Fighters
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