Minutes of Special Meeting of Local 710

Feb 7, 1960


The meeting was opened at 8:00 AM by Acting President Ray Lynn to discuss the present and future status of the Local 710.


Reasons for the retaining union membership were discussed along with the {illegible} that the union had not functioned too good in the past. It was brought out that union membership was desirable and Local 710 should continue as an active Local union.


A Motion to keep the local active and retain union status was seconded and carried unanimously.


A motion to pay up the International from funds in the treasury and each member to sign an agreement to pay up back dues at the rate to be agreed upon at a later motion was seconded from the floor and carried.


A motion was seconded and carried to pay up back dues by each individual in arrears at the rate of $3.00 minimum per month when dues for the current month are paid.


A motion that the secretary open books and collect dues at a specified and definite day each month carried unanimously. By proper motion the day that the Rural District pays was set as the date for collection of current or past dues each month.


Following a discussion of present union status, Ray Lynn and Joe Turk were designated to get union operating and contact C.L. Council on getting local back in good standing with that organization. The foregoing in conjunction with being reinstated with the International Assn of Fire Fighters.


The Acting President and Secretary to set up a meeting as soon as union is cleared and in good standing with International or advised to the contrary.


At this point acting Pres. Lynn adjourned the meeting.


J.L. Turk

Acting Sec.

Feb 7, 1960